Aims and Objectives

The conference is part of the Danube Transnational Program project Networld. The aims of the Networld project are to increase the awareness of the First World War (WWI) heritage in a transnational context and to use this heritage for the development of a sustainable transnational cultural tourism.

The objectives of the conference is to help place the tangible and intangible heritage of WWI in a transnational context by linking stories and experiences of soldiers and civilians to battles, foreign locations, and events during the war and changes after the war.

As such, the focus of the conference and related cultural events is on the impacts on the local populations and individual soldiers. How soldiers were mobilized, transport to far-away front lines, feeding the soldiers, refugees, prisoners of war camps, rationing back home, getting confirmation if you are a widow of missing or killed soldiers, new borders after armistice.

Further information on the conference, the venue, program, and highlights of Nove Hrady and surroundings can be found on the next pages of this site.


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