Conference Venue


The main Conference venue will be in the Buquoy Chateau, an early 19th century neoclassic style three-winged two storey palace. The formal opening session, registration, and several other activities will take place here.

This early 19th century neoclassic style three-winged two storey palace is the property of the Czech Academy of Sciences (CAV). It houses the innovative and leading research institution “Academy and University Center Nové Hrady”, a close cooperation between the Institute of Nanobiology and Structural Biology (Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic) and the Institute of Complex Systems (University of South Bohemia).

The Conference Center is located on the main central floor of the Chateau; the wings and outer buildings housing the research areas, laboratories, offices, and accommodation. The Center has excellent facilities including all modern techniques, free internet room, bar, in-house accommodation with internet connections, etc.

Conference areas

The main Entry Hall will function as registration area.

The Theatre hall will be used for the opening and closing events and for presentation session, with all essential facilities including permanent internet connections, fixed data projectors, translating facilities etc.

The Mirror Room will also be used for informal disucssions and for the Thursday evening dinnner.

The Blue Room will be used for the permanent poster presentations and coffee breaks, with overflow to the rear balcony and park (not in drawing).

The Internet room and bar can be used for a quiet talk on the side or as overflow for break-out meetings.


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